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Jens Mountain Gin
Contains Alcohol:  Yes
Style: Punch or Party Drink
Glass Type: Highball Glass
Ingredients: 5

2 oz Gin (Lemon)
Fill with Soda (Lemon Lime)
Some Sugar
1 wedge Lime
Lime Peel


Rub Lime Peel around rim of glass. Dip glass upside-down into Sugar. Mix Gin (Lemon) and Soda (Lemon Lime) together. Pour into glass over ice. Garnish with Lime wedge.

Jens Mountain Gin - Summary

This drink style is classified as a Punch or Party Drink and is Alcoholic, so drink responsibly! The recommended glass type for this drink is a Highball Glass. We say, feel free to serve it in whatever you have available; it will still taste the same :)

You may also use different variations of the same ingredient. For example, you could change up fruit types or sugar substitutes. Other substitutions would include different brands of liquor. For example, if your drink calls for a specific type of whiskey, you could try using bourbon instead of Irish.

Crafting cocktails should be fun, so get creative and make it your own. Who knows, you might find your next favorite!

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Shopping List

Jens Mountain Gin consists of 4 different ingredients, although you may not need all of them to make it work. Keep in mind, there are many different flavored spirts and brands, so never feel obligated to use any one in particular. If you don't have all of the below ingredients, you can always get crafty and try your own variations. You might even create your own version that tastes even better. Feel free to share your creations with the Cocktail Friend community!

Here are some of the potential core ingredients you'll want. Each ingredient links to other drinks containing that same ingredient:

  1. Gin
  2. Soda (Lemon Lime)
  3. Sugar
  4. Lime(s)
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