Build A Cocktail

Our crafty drink mixer will show you all the drinks you can make, using only the ingredients you have at home!
Follow the steps below to get started.

  Step 1

  • Create a free account to start stocking your cabinet.

  • Signing up is quick & easy. Your account is private and will be used to store your favorite drinks and ingredients.

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  •   Step 2

  • Start adding ingredients to your liquor cabinet. There are currently over 1,000 to choose from.

  • Stock your cabinet with all the ingredients you currently have on-hand. The more you add, the more accurate your drink selection becomes.

  • Return at any time to add new ingredients, or remove the ones you've run out of.

  •   Step 3

  • Let your Cocktail Friend mixologist craft you a drink... or several.

  • Our automated drink mixer will analyze your liquor cabinet and give you a list of all the drinks you can make, without having to visit the store!

  • Your drink selection will update in real-time as you maintain your cabinet. Get started below!

  • Start Stocking Your Cabinet!

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